Pisce is a male doll from Dream of Doll. He is part of their Dream of Baby line. The regular version of him also includes a tender faceplate.

Hi, everyone! Let me introduce myself to you. I'm Pisce. Pisce from pisces and belongs to zodiac series. I'm 26cm tall and my pet name is HEHE. You can call me HEHE. hehe~ @(^---------^)@ Mm.. I have a question. What is your constellation? Is it same with me?

Versions Edit

The fullset and regular versions were released in 2008.

Measurements Edit

  • Height : 26cm
  • Girth of Head : 16cm
  • Girth of Neck : 6.3cm
  • Girth of Chest : 13cm
  • Width of Shoulder : 6.5cm
  • Girth of Waist : 12cm
  • The length of sleeves (to the wrist) : 8.5cm
  • Girth of Wrist : 4cm
  • Girth of Ankle : 5cm
  • The length from back-neck point to waist (back length): 5cm
  • Girth of Heap : 15.8cm
  • The length from the waist line to the ankle : 14cm
  • The length from the knee to the ankle : 5cm
  • The length of foot : 4cm
  • Width of Foot : 2cm

Sizes Edit

  • Wig - 6
  • Eye - 14 mm

External Links Edit

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