Black Persian Nocturne LE of 30


White Persian Nocturne LE of 30

Persian Nocturne is a female BJD from Dollmore's Catish line. She is mini sized.

Let me introduce a Persian Nocturne with dreamlike eyes like girl in the Nocturne. so fantastic special version Persian Nocturne~! Her glass eyes are so beautiful as shown in lightly close her eyes white skinned Persian Nocturne with thick eyelashes, blushed hands and feet is limited worldwide to just 30 pieces. ^^ She is real gorgeous with black wig and white dress.

Versions Edit

The LE Black Persian Nocturne version was released in 2006.
The LE White Persian Nocturne version was released in 2006.

Measurements Edit

  • Height : 43.5cm
  • Head :16.5cm
  • Neck : 7.6cm
  • Bust : 18cm
  • Shoulder : 6.5cm
  • Weist :15.5cm
  • Hip : 18.5cm

Sizes Edit

  • Wig - 7-8 in
  • Eyes - 14 or 16 mm
  • Shoes - 6 cm

External Links Edit

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