Tender E-an

E-an is a female doll from Dream of Doll. She is part of their Dream of Teen line, which is full-sized. E-an is the human version of I-ra.

Versions Edit

The fullset and regular versions were released in 2007.
The tender fullset and regular versions were released in 2007.

Measurements Edit

- Old Body -

  • Height : 60cm
  • Girth of Head : 21 cm (with 8 inch wig)
  • Width of Shoulder (Ba :9 cm
  • Girth of Chest : thinest part 24cm
  • The length from back-neck point to waist (back length): 11cm
  • The length from the bust point to waist line (front length) : 12.7cm
  • The length from the neck point to bust point : 7cm
  • Girth of Heap : 25.8cm
  • The length of sleeves (to the wrist) : 19cm
  • Girth of Upper arm : thickest part 8cm
  • The length from the bottom to waist : 9cm
  • the Length of pants (from the waist line to the knee) : 37cm
  • The length of leg : 29.5cm
  • The length of skirt (from the waist line to the knee) : 22.5cm
  • Toltal length (from the neck point to the tip of toe) : 49cm
  • The length of foot : 6.8cm
  • Width of Foot : 2.8cm

- New Body -

Sizes Edit

  • Wig - 8
  • Eye - 16 mm

External Links Edit

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