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Black Chocolate Aro LE of 5


I am a secret (Alice) Aro LE of 30

Aro is a BJD from Dollmore's I Doll line. The basic Aro is available in either a boy or a girl.

The name "Aro" stems from "make clear into one's heart" in pure Korean.^^ "Aro" has a cute and chubby body, little pretty face and 2 kinds of hands... ^^ The round eyes and softly smiling lips,,, so lovely~!! ^^

Versions Edit

The regular version was released in 2007.
The LE Black Chocolate version was released in 2008.
The LE I am a secret (Alice) version was released in 2008.

Measurements Edit

  • Tall : 21.5cm
  • Circumference of Head : 13.5cm
  • Circumference of neck : 5cm
  • Circumference of chest : 11cm
  • Width of shoulders : 5.5cm
  • Circumference of waist : 11.7cm
  • Circumference of hips : 13.2cm
  • Lenth of "from hips to ankle" : 9.4cm
  • Lenth of "from knee to ankle" : 3cm
  • Circumference of thigh : 7.6cm
  • Circumference of calf : 7.6cm
  • Lenth of arm : 6cm
  • Circumference of arm : 4.2cm

Sizes Edit

  • Wig - 5-6 in
  • Eyes - 12 mm
  • Shoes - 3 cm

External Links Edit

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